Contact Information


Atlanta Office:
1801 Macy Drive
Roswell, GA 30076
Portland Office:
4300 NE Fremont, Suite 130
Portland, OR 97213
Toll Free: 1.888.471.9099
Fax(sales) +1-770-645-2007
Fax (accounting/Ops) +1-678-990-1144




Function Location Name Ext Direct Line Email
West Coast Sales / Western Canada Sales Portland, OR Nicki Clark 121 678.990.7485
Midwest Sales / Gulf Coast Sales Portland, OR Kevin Noel 118 678.990.7487
Northeast Sales / Eastern Canada Sales Roswell, GA Phil Alfieri 115 678.990.7481
Southeast Sales / Carribbean Sales Roswell, GA Kirk Batteiger 114 678.990.7482
Operations Director Roswell, GA Patti Pratt 109 678.990.7490
Inventory Manager / Accounts Receivable Manager Roswell, GA LeighAnne Bennett 104 678.990.7483
Sales / Inventory Support Portland, OR Jennifer Stangel 100 678.990.7486
Principal Portland, OR John C. Stangel 101 678.990.7480
Vice President Portland, OR Jim Davis 113 678.990.7492
President Portland, OR Robert E. Stangel 120 503.280.0970 and 678.990.7488



Pick-Up Locations

Directions: Click on a red tab below to check addresses of Container It pick up locations. Once address is displayed, click on location description and it will take you to Google maps. From Google maps you can see satellite view, get driving directions, check distance, and print/send directions to pick up location. Please see map for our depot and terminal equipment locations. Not all locations are listed at this time and more are being added.